Ashes War of Words

I love it when the pre-ashes propaganda kicks off. Ricky Ponting channelling the spirit of Glenn McGrath, went on record a few weeks ago, stating 5-0 was a distinct possibility.

Even Salman Butt of Pakistan has weighed in, stating that basically England will be crap in Australia where the ball doesn’t swing, so should cancel the flights now. Methinks you should focus on your own issues like catching, batting and bowling, thanks Salman.

I am hoping one of their bowlers goes on record soon declaring which England batsmen they will target to be their series bunny. Doug “the rug” nee “the bald eagle” Bollinger for instance declaring Strauss is his beeeatch for the series.

Steve Harmison did similar in the last away leg to Australia, declaring the batsmen he will target, will be his old mate Freddy Flintoff at second slip.

I think it is time the ECB wheeled out the big guns in PR terms, Mitchell Johnson’s mum. She managed to distract her son so much during the 2009 Ashes victory he could barely land it on the cut strip.


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