Ashes Tour Memories

My favourite Ashes memory? Sydney Test 2007

Travelling out to Australia, for the final Sydney test and CB ODI series of the 06/07. Flying Xmas day with England 3 – 0 down and the series dead already, feeling like I’d just flushed a couple of grand down the toilet, things got worse as my flight stretched into Boxing Day on Qantas and had to endure the smug ozzies pilot’s commentary, as England were skittled for not very many and Warne bowled Strauss for his 700th wicket. As I spent time in Sydney watching the match slide into the forth defeat, enjoying new year and being told by every old lady, tramp and child how poor the team I had travelled tens of thousands of miles to watch were my expectations were pretty low and to be fair England were pretty dire again, but the supporters were amazing! And that’s the memory. Chanting, drinking and singing like were 4 – 0 up and not outnumbered by 40,000 bemused Australian’s, none of whom understood why were louder, wittier and having a better time than them despite losing miserably. The story was the same in the previous 4 tests.

We then went on to win the ODI’s to salvage something on the field but there was nothing to salvage off it.


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