Funky, windy, violent WACA

The WACA. Say it over and over again and it sounds like the intro to Shaft.

WACA, WACA, WACA, WACA, WACA, WACA, WACA, WACA… Who is the man who would risk his life for an other man… Strauss… can you dig it? Damn right.

Until planes were entrusted to Australians in 1970, a hundred years after other nations, nobody played at The WACA as it was 4 days on a train to get there. Yet despite having a short history in hosting test matches, a funky maverick cop is needed at The WACA- it is Australia’s most violent ground.

Dennis Lillee kicked Javid Miandad who then threatened to hit Lillee with his bat. Terry Alderman had his shoulder severely injured by a pitch invader and 20 odd spectators were arrested. Geoff Lawson had his jaw broken by an Ambrose bouncer and this year Pakistan player Khalid Latif was flattened by a spectator who got onto the pitch.

As well as being reminiscent of wrestlemania, The WACA is the bounciest pitch in Australia, so expect more bouncers than a Saturday night in Cardiff and unlike most of the bouncers in Cardiff, they will harmlessly sail over the top of batsman’s heads (rather than repeatedly stamping on them).

The WACA is also the windiest test ground. Light cricketers like Ian Bell, are regularly blown away by the Freemantle Doctor during the afternoon session and timed out. To combat this they regularly wear heavy lead boots. This is often true of visiting England teams and can be blamed for their poor footwork. This also one of the main reasons Chris Tremlett has been selected, he is half a stone heavier than Tim ‘sausage arms’ Bresnan.


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