Who writes your scripts Ricky?

It is quite unfashionable to like Ricky Ponting. He’s a gum chewing glum faced petulant pantomime baddy. His captaincy lacks insight and is a very easy human to dislike.

Yes he is a bit of a twat, but at the risk of understatement Ricky Ponting can bat. In tests he has scored nearly the most runs ever in the world, averages over 50 and has scored just shy of 40 hundreds. I’ve always particularly liked to watch quick’s bowling short at him. He pulls better than the Sun’s latest shagger of the year.

I for one hope, that this is not ‘it’ for the Rickster. I feel he needs and deserves to go out on some sort of high. Warne got seven hundred wickets plus and whitewashed England before he retired. McGrath actually got his 5-0 prediction right and bowled as impeccably as always. Recently Freddie got a 5fer at Lords and ran out Punter when he was well set at the Oval. Even Beefy took a 6fer before he bowed out.

As Gooch famously said to herr Botham “who writes your scripts?”.

Not sure who writes Ricky’s but they are total bastards. Losing the Ashes again, scoring less runs than a number 10 in the series and breaking your finger and missing the final test at the SCG, is not going out in a blaze of glory. I can only assume his script writer is that Jigsaw guy from the Saw films.


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