Bloody Foreigners

Bloody foreigners coming over here, taking our jobs, averaging 50 + with bat

Yesterday some foolish cricket journo kicked the hornets nest that is twitter, raising the issue of foreign born players. And why not?

Out of 15 players named in the ODI squad Meaker, Dernbach, Trott, Pietersen and Kieswetter were not born in England or Wales. Factor in Morgan too, who is injured and that’s a lot of Johnny Foreigners in the limited overs set up.

Now, my opinion for what it’s worth is the rules is the rules – they are qualified, committed and talented individuals, and The ECB are entitled to field the team they believe has the best chance of winning within the rules.

There were some interesting view points expressed though…

1) Shades of foreignness: Dernbach and Meaker are more English than Trott or Pietersen as they came through the ‘English’ system and came here when they were younger.

2) Mercenaries and opportunists: Kieswetter having played U19 for SA is one, Morgan as well for switching sides to play at a higher level.

3) Tebbit tests: Do they laugh at Dads Army? Do they fraternise with ‘ex.’ countryman when they are touring? Do they have billtong in their kit bag and know how to skin an antelope? Can they hit over the top in the powerplay?

4) The historical context: Lamb, Hick, Dolly, The Hollioake’s, Caddick, Grieg, there are loads which go way back so it’s nothing new.

One thing’s for sure remove the runs scored, particularly by Trott, Morgan and Pietersen and they leave a pretty big hole in the short and long formats


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