Too much of a good thing

It’s not more test or four day cricket we need, it is less, more meaningful cricket.

Cricket boards across the world have the golden goose tied to a chair in an underground car park and are giving it a good thrashing, and while I don’t think its met its maker yet, it doesn’t look too good.

I have absolutely no hard evidence to support me, other than lots of empty seats in stadiums, in all forms of the game this year.

Usually well attended matches like tests in SA and Eng and ODI’s in India had poor gates. Hell even the CL20 was more empty empty than twenty 20.

I believe this is down to too much cricket. If you oversupply a market demand falls, price falls, or both. Currently high prices + high supply = empty stadiums.

In cricket there are other added complications of too much of a good thing.

Visiting teams turn up knackered and get hammered. Stars retire early to focus on one format – both which do nothing to improve punter numbers in the future, or quality of cricket on the day.

Cricket boards are continuously being told by players there is too much cricket. Fans are expressing this by not turning up for anything other than top of the table clashes but how long does this go on for before changes are made is anyone’s guess? The future tours program is packed, domestic seasons are getting longer (though the ECB have cut some fixtures for 2012 but seem to have reinstated them in 2014), the IPL is getting longer and more boards are launching franchise style T20.

I just hope the powers that be and their collective 9 IQ points have the ability to ask questions early enough, before some kind of major cash crisis threatened for a while effects the game.


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