The Oval An Eventful Day One

It certainly was an eventful day all round. Featuring:

Selection Strangeness

A drug addled David Bowie, used to pen lyrics by cutting up magazines and sticking the words back together. I think the England selectors took inspiration from the thin white duke, taking the scissors to a Playfair annual and sticking it back together. Two spinners and Woakes at 6!!!! It is squarely against everything England have done for many years and common sense. The result? 23 overs no wickets 105 runs. Woakes gradually got better but Kerrigan got absolutely Bryce’d. A spinner with the yips getting hammered is a horror to watch. I hope he shows what he undoubtedly can do on a spinning pitch later in the match.

Rare Watson Century Spotted in SE London

Shane Watson’s pad has clearly been on the five – two diet. It’s slimmed down to the extent that no England bowler could hit it and as a result he hammered 176 quick, imperious runs before KP took a stunning tumbling catch on the boundary. It was a flat pitch but this was a great innings which has forced England on the back foot. Watson needs a few. more of these before he’s in credit though. He was ably supported by Smith who is learning to build an innings.

Boof’s Diplomatic Incident

Lehmann encourages home supporters to make Broad cry in a radio interview. The only sure way to make Stuart Broad cry is to steal his ‘guyliner’. Br character is such that booing him and giving him verbals will most likely have the reverse effect.

The Usual Please

Broad, Swann and Jimmy all bowled well on a pitch offering less help than a IKEA instruction booklet. Jimmy looked back to himself and went past Willis test wicket record to #2 on the list of all time wicket takers. Can he get past 450 in his career.

Crystal Ball

England need to use the new ball to finish the Aussies off and eek out a long innings to get back to parity. The pitch is set to turn and Australia’s second innings will be tricky, if much of it needs to be on day 4.


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